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Reasons for Not Performing or Interrupting the MCT

Pisa Sample: Among the 2,841 survey participants, 2,556 subjects were eligible because subjects > 75 years old (n = 285) were invited to answer the questionnaire only. Table 1—Reasons for Not Performing or Interrupting the MCT* Variables Po Delta Pisa Not performed Refusal 774 (62.4) 763 (54.6) Inability to perform the test 109 (8.8) 87 […]

Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

For the latter, reference equations derived from normal subjects within the samples were used to calculate predicted values. MCT: Among the tests used for assessing BR, we selected the nonspecific bronchial challenge test with methacholine, which is the most commonly used in clinical settings because it is standardized, easy to perform, not expensive, reproducible, and able to elicit a […]

The Pawo/Plmax rate decreased, along with the PTI, principally due to an increase in Pimax

Oxygenation was improved without an increase in Paco2 by supplemental oxygen administration. This finding is important because respiratory acidosis has been shown to be associated with reduced diaphragmatic contractility and endurance. Knowing the causal association between episodes of nocturnal hypoxia and an increase in the pulmonary arterial pressure, the fact that we achieved an optimal […]

Patients With SDB

The studies in this section will deal with SDB in the form of snoring, UARS, and OSAS. Some of the studies chose to specifically differentiate these types of SDB and are noted with such designations herein. In one study mentioned above, there was no correlation between upright, awake NR and the degree of SDB in […]

Medical Alert Charms

All you want to need and know A medical alert system charm is the apparatus that connects you to all the services of the medical alert system. It usually is a small pendant that has a visibly large button on it. It is worn for safety not fashion. However, customizing you button can say a […]

Broken Leg

Your leg contains 4 bones (the femur, the patella, the tibia, and the fibula) and bends at the hip, the knee, and the ankle. An accident can cause any of these bones to fracture (break) into two or more pieces. A broken bone that is exposed to the outside by a cut or if the […]

Epilepsy Alternative Treatment Strategies

There are several different alternative treatment strategies for individuals that have epilepsy. Doctors commonly prescribe medications in order to cope with the symptoms associated with epilepsy, such as the seizures that naturally occur on a regular basis. However, there are different approaches to treating epilepsy that many patients have found to be quite effective in […]

Banking Your Newborn’s Cord Blood

Why is it necessary to bank your newborn’s cord blood? When a baby is born the parents worry about all possible things that could be associated with the baby apart from the fact that the baby can someday fall ill. Some parents make sure that they take precautions right at the beginning of the newborn’s […]

Stroke Prevention

Stroke is a sudden and devastating illness that occurs when the blood vessel to the brain burst or when blood circulation to the brain falls when a blockage develops. The brain cells quickly die from decrease in blood flow and this can result into serious disability or death. Although stroke is a disease of the […]