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Symptoms of Colon Cancer

What Are the Symptoms of Colon Cancer? Early diagnosis of bowel cancer is very important because the percentage chance of cure is directly related to how far advanced the condition is when it is diagnosed. So, if bowel cancer is still located within the bowel wall, the chances of cure may be as high as […]

A Natural Answer to Cancer

Cancer and B17 Isn’t it strange that one hundred years ago cancer was a rare disease and now there are many types of cancers effecting an estimated one in four people? The truth is that cancer has been avoidable and curable for years. This is not just my opinion. These facts have been proven in […]

Skin Cancer Types

The latest statistics on skin cancer are very alarming. During the past 31 years, people have contracted skin cancer more times than all other types of cancer combined. Additionally, there are more new cases of skin cancer being diagnosed each year as compared to diagnoses of breast, colon, lung, and prostate cancers combined. One of […]

How to Identify the Most Obvious Signs of Leukemia in Children

The majority of the signs of leukemia in children are caused by the lack of normal blood cells. This is because the cells that are creating blood in the bone marrow are overcrowded by the cancerous cells. The leukemia cells could spread in other parts of the body as well and they could cause other […]

How to Examine Your Own Breasts?

Are you looking for a way to maintain healthy breasts throughout your life? Well, being a woman it is important to take care of your body especially your figure. Healthy figure can have a positive impact on your overall health and can also evict the chances of getting breast cancer. Health awareness is an important […]

Mesothelioma Claims the Fast Way

Thousands of individual fall prey to the deadly mesothelioma condition in almost each country. The malignant mesothelioma cancer can transform the way your lungs function. Mesothelioma claims is often your way to finish the misery with remedy. Since the pleura and place around the lungs, heart, abdomen and also other organs in proximity can get […]

The Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

The unrestrained growth of cells is a disease known as cancer. Other malignant characteristics of cancer are an invasion that destroys contiguous tissues and metastasis i.e. the spreading to other areas of the body by means of the blood or the lymph glands. Benign tumors are unlike cancer in that they do not invade or […]

Immune Thrombocytopenia

Sandhya , 40 year female living in Delhi ( name changed to protect identity) had undergone surgery (wide excision, segmental resection of mandible and right modified neck resection ) on 6th May 2011at Dharamshila Hospital And Research Centre She was suffering from carcinoma of right buccal mucosa. Patient developed severe bleeding from the surgical site […]

What is Lung Cancer Staging?

The first thing that your doctor should do if you are diagnosed with lung cancer is lung cancer staging. Lung cancer staging is a method of evaluation on determining the stage of cancer and the original position of a tumor. Through this process physicians will determine which treatment should be done to a patient. It […]

Lung Cancer Patients Want To Have Life Expectancy

Depending on how earlier one acquires a diagnosis, existence expectancy lung cancer individuals have will differ. one more element will be also the point concerning the cancer after it has long been diagnosed. However, many thanks to new advances in engineering and science, existence expectancy cancer individuals have has long been substantially heightened all through […]