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Easy Ways to Enjoy More Energy

In our high pressured society it’s easy to feel as if your energy is lacking, and you are certainly not alone. “Energy” shots, drinks and products saturate the TV airwaves, supposedly delivering a boost in energy for a specific amount of time only to make you feel jittery and sluggish for the rest of the [...]

Overcome Your Anxiety and Panic Disorder

All of us are anxious about certain things and feel scared once in a while. However, the panic and the anxiety that a normal person feels and that felt by an individual with anxiety and panic disorder are completely different. It is a serious condition that requires medical attention.
People with this particular condition start to [...]

Bipolar Disorder Signs

About one person in 4 in the United States suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder per year. With millions of people being diagnosed, the term “mental disorder” should prompt us to seek out a greater understanding of such disorders. One mental disorder that affects 5.7 million American adults per year is Bipolar Disorder. What is [...]

The Symptoms and Causes of Bipolar Depression

Bipolar is one of the most severe forms of mental illness. People who have this disease are constantly having episodes of ‘highs’ (periods of complete euphoria) and ‘lows’ (a deep inconsolable depression). Among these patients, many have reported trying to commit suicide and 15% succeeded in completing the act. It is the third leading cause [...]

Panic Away Review

Panic attacks are a serious problem plaguing people today. We where genetically engendered to have Fight or Flight instincts this is a chemical reaction to fear and danger a long time ago it was necessary for survival it warned us of danger, it gave us the strength to fight for our survival. But now it [...]

OCD in Children

A house should not only be a house but rather a home. For a family with a member suffering from obsessive compulsive behavior, it is hard to keep the entire environment friendly all the time. Some conflicts may occur as fighting OCD is more difficult and challenging than you can ever imagine. Home is where [...]

How Depression Should Be Treated

I thought it might be interesting to write this article from the point of view of the therapist. More accurately, the teacher going through the steps with the trainee therapist and explaining to him or her how depression should be treated.
Depression can be frightening. Not to treat depression with drugs goes against everything a lot [...]

Controlling Mood Swings

Did you know that what we eat will actually help in controlling mood swings much more than we think? This is a fact of life often overlooked by many doctors and patients who merely prescribe anti depressants and little else. The main complaint about these drugs is that they can turn us into lethargic and [...]

Keys to Managing Panic Attacks

Proper preparation will put you on the right track for managing panic attacks. It can be difficult to predict when a panic attack will occur, but if you take steps to prepare yourself ahead of time, then you can reduce the severity and impact these attacks have on you. Here are five things you can [...]

Help a Family Member With Panic Attacks

If someone is undergoing panic attacks and you are a family member, it would not be much easy for you to handle it. You always try to find those ways that can lessen the pain of your beloved. You completely realize that if you are in pain then your loved one is in agony twice [...]