Hormone pellets can give rebirth to your happiness

Who does not crave for The Sexy Years” and “Ageless life? For women especially, this means a lot. Many a time symptoms of Menopause and perimenopause causes depressing moments that all women wants to avoid. You feel itchy, nasty, sweaty, sleepy, bloated throughout the day during that phase.

This game is all about the sexual hormone that your ovaries produce naturally to increase sexual drive. Inadequate hormone level may reduce your energy level and damage your married life. This is the reason why bioidentical hormones are artificially inserted to the blood stream to restore the lively condition. The process is called subcutaneous bioidentical hormone therapy.

What is this hormone replacement therapy and how it is done?

Hormone replacement is done through pellets, also known as Hormone pellet therapy. Usually estradiol, the most important among three female hormones and testosterones are taken in pellet form and painlessly inserted under the subcutaneous tissue of skin. Pellets are small in size; looks like a grain of rice. It is easy to insert it under skin of the lateral buttocks rather than drawing your blood out.

How pellets are prepared:

Usually pellets are derived from soybeans. A small amount of magnesium stearate is then added to pre-pelletized powder to enable it flow better during pellet making process. These are biodegradable, so no residues are left over under the skin.

What are the benefits of using hormone pellets?

It gives you relief from anxiety and depressions, helps decreasing body fats, shapes your body, boost sexual functionalities and there more benefits to it.

How often do you need to take it?

It varies, but usually in every 4-6 months you need the pellets to be inserted. It also depends on how you feel. If it gets worn off before 3 months of time, you need to recheck your blood vessels. If it is more than 4 months, you can have more pellets without conducting any blood test

Are you worried about the side effects?

Hardly there is any side effect unlike other hormone therapies. However you may feel mild breast discomfort, nipple tenderness, bloating etc. It is very rare that pellets are coming out or get infected.

Since testosterones are used in pellets, should you be worried of it?

You may have heard of growth of unwanted hair because of testosterone use. This is rare case. Even if it is there it can be minimized by reducing the dose of testosterone pellets.

Do you still require estrogen after menopause?

Yes, it protects women from heart attack, osteoporosis, loss of teeth, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. So continuing with estrogen really works even after menopause.

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